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Applying start-up
  • DNA
  • speed
  • innovation
  • ability
  • know-how
to transform enterprise

Cie Digital Labs creates leading-edge digital strategy and applications and serves as an innovation lab for prominent global brands, helping to solve their most complex business challenges. Our founders are successful start-up entrepreneurs who provide the right blend of Silicon Valley know-how and business maturity to help our partners tap into disruptive innovation to solve strategic and operational business challenges.

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Tap into Innovation

As successful entrepreneurs and seasoned Fortune 500 executives we are uniquely adept at identifying and leveraging opportunities for our partners. We bring start-up thinking, innovation and speed to every step of the product development process.

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Launch in Months Not Years

We are driven by solving problems that have real-world impact and scale. We typically launch in months, not years, even when integrating against unwieldy legacy systems.

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Increase Enterprise Value

We bring solutions to life by solving big problems that make a measureable difference in the lives of our users. We’ve been recognized by some of the most renowned organizations for our work and we’ve been afforded the opportunity to work with some of the largest global brands, helping them radically improve their operations, marketing and technology.

Making Real-World Impact For Partners


Looking to join an innovative team that produces quality work that pushes the boundaries of digital projects? Check out our open positions. We’d love to hear from you.

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Founder and CEO, Nativo

There is no clearer evidence that our ecosystem is out of balance than the scores of advertisers now boycotting YouTube. How do we hit “reset” and honor the exchange between advertiser and consumer?

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Curb Your FOMO: Being Too Early To New Technologies Can Be Just As Bad As Being Too Late

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One man’s success formula in tech: scientific method, hot sauce and no days off

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Anderee Berengian

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In a Q&A with Only in Irvine, CDL’s CEO explains how biochemistry prepared him to become chairman and CEO of one of Orange County’s most innovative tech startups (and mix a mean hot sauce).