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Anderee Berengian: Hiring Good People is Hard….Not if You Hire for Culture First

Our CEO Anderee Berengian discusses the importance of looking for a culture fit when hiring for an organization.

source: OC Startups Now

*OPINION: How I Failed Fastest: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Pressure Testing New Ideas

Cie’s Pranav Khandelwal discusses the benefits of failing fast with a startup instead of spending years of time and money before reaching the same end.

source: OC Startup

San Francisco vs Irvine – LOL!

Cie recently made a graphic showing why Irvine is better than San Francisco, highlighting everything from population density to poop maps.

source: Oracle

4 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

According to Oracle, companies generate engagement by giving something first to customers, like Cie and Nitto Tire’s auto enthusiast magazine Driving Line.

source: AdAge

The web is, in reality, controlled by a select few—and brands are making that happen

Feeding advertising dollars into the closed environments of Facebook and Google has more than a few negative side effects. Cie Co-Founder Justin Choi goes through all the ways it hurts not only ROI, but the internet as a whole.

source: Forbes

California’s Digital Innovation Plans Can’t Just Move Fast And Break Things

Anderee Berengian, CEO of Cie, says that California’s new Office of Digital Innovation can work if it uses a mix of both startup and corporate innovation strategies.

source: NewsBlaze

How to Innovate in an Over-Competitive Digital Economy

According to News Blaze, one of the best ways for a company to keep up with the innovation in today’s digital economy is to bring in an outside partner like Cie.

source: Orange County Business Journal

Startups & Innovation

Irvine-based accelerator and maker of digital products Cie Digital Labs has hired Micah Miller as its director of product development.

source: Built In LA

Tech roundup: Noteworthy leadership at Cie, Scoobeez breaks records, and more

Cie recently hired Micah Miller as their Director of Product Development, bringing his experience from Thrive Market and Whalerock Industries to the products they develop for new and existing businesses.

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